How much does a TV aerial installation cost?

Wondering how much you should be paying for aerial installation? We are giving you some guidance on who and what you should be investing your money into when it comes to choosing an aerial installation service. In general, the cost of aerial installation is between £100 and £200 depending on the type of installation, the area you live in the aerial provider and the labour costs. Find out more about what affects aerial installation costs below.

Standard installation

Standard installation rates in the aerials business is relatively uncommon as each job and each property is different. The challenges that an installer may suffer at one property could vastly change in the prospects of the next, which is why standard installation rates are generally unheard of in the business. My London Aerials will be able to give you a quick quote based on information you have given us, but until we have fully assessed the property in person, it is impossible for us to formulate a price. We can reassure our customers though that we do endeavour to beat any quote you may get from other suppliers, and we make sure their is utmost transparency throughout assessment and installation when it comes to how much your installation will cost.


You will need to decide if you want to invest in experience and when it comes to aerial installation it can be imperative to the quality of the service. Experienced engineers will have a full understanding and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to installing and repairing systems of all difficulties. An experienced engineer will be able to offer excellent advice too, should you need an opinion on what is best for you and your home. My London Aerials only employees experienced engineers with a vast amount of knowledge of the area they work in as well as installation and repairs.

Accreditations & Memberships

When deciding on your aerial installation supplier, making sure they are the real deal can be easily identified by accreditations & memberships. A question you will need to ask yourself is the increased security that comes with using an aerial company associated with trade organisations or if you want to save a small amount on the bill that may have been added to the bill to cover the cost of the membership.

Area Signal

Another cost factor could contribute to the area you live in. If you are in a stronger signal area then there is an increased chance that you could end up with an install that is much quicker and much easier. The installer may be able to install the antenna in a position that could save on time and materials such as in the loft too, which will contribute to a lower price.

However, if you live in a weaker signal area there is a good chance that your installation could  cost more. Higher gain aerials, longer and higher masts with bigger supporting bracketry, amplifiers all may be needed to get a good signal. When this happens usually you would fall beyond a standard installation and have to pay the difference.

Amount of TV points

The amount of tv points you are having installed will also have an affect on the price you will ultimately pay for installation. The reason for this, is because not only is it more time consuming than standard installation, but it also can be more complex and will inevitably require more materials and equipment to set up correctly. This is something to consider when planning your installation.


Where there are multiple installation suppliers in a certain area this can have an effect on the pricing set out by your chosen supplier. This can have an adverse effect on pricing at both spectrum. You may find that a supplier with a large amount of competition in the area have more offers available and try to provide unique selling points to get your business. Those with less competition can afford to increase their prices above a standard rate as they are more likely to be in higher demand.

My London Aerials aim to beat those of their competitors in the London area where possible.

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