How to improve your TV signal?

There isn’t many things more frustrating than sitting down to watch your favourite shows and having a fuzzy or pixelated service due to poor signal strength. There are many ways you can improve the quality of your service signal in your home or commercial premises without requiring assistance from an engineer. My London Aerials have a few tips that could help you out and save you the money on an unnecessary call out.

Aerial upgrade

Investing in a tv aerial is worth every penny, as it is commonly known that the less you pay usually returns a mediocre service, it is worth doing your research before you make a purchase. We recommend researching and finding reviews from other consumers on aerials before you make the purchase. The aerial must be capable of receiving digital signal at a sufficient strength. There are certain areas of the UK that a wideband aerial upgrade may be required to receive digital terrestrial frequencies. Certain areas of the UK have digital multiplexes that broadcast on a widely split UHF. Older television aerials are designed to receive narrower frequencies and, inevitably, can have poor reception. If you are experiencing issues with your signal you can check to see if you need an aerial upgrade using the Freeview Coverage Checker.


If you are attempting to supply a good signal to multiple televisions using the same antenna you will need to install a signal splitter. The issue that comes with this, is that dividing signal will make it weaker. You can solve the problem by using a pre-amplifier to boost signal and drive it through a coax cable. If you are still experiencing issues you may need to install a distribution amplifier to boost the television signal strength from the antenna side of the splitter.

Checking wiring

The most common issue with tv signals can be faulty wiring, in which case you will more than likely need to contact an engineer to rewire or repair the wiring. Alternatively, it could be loose wiring that just needs tightening that can be done simply by ensuring that the coaxial plugs are correctly fitted into the peripherals and to your television, you also can check the socket faceplate to ensure it’s snug and secure – this is a common issue in new builds.

Signal boosters

Using signal boosters can be a common solution for poor signal issues. Signal boosters should be used as a last resort when trying to resolve signal issues, as they will make your signal more susceptible to interference. Making sure that you invest in a signal booster that is suitable for your services and provider, you may need to refer the issue for advice from experts like our team at My London Aerials.

Change of supplier

There is only so much that you can do to improve your services and if your provider is unwilling to assist you or can’t offer a better service you may want to consider changing your supplier. Sometimes no amount of equipment or rewiring can improve the signals in your home due to an unstable service provided by your supplier in the area that you live. Luckily, there are many options and many reputable suppliers that can offer a much better service.

The problem with digital satellite issues, is that you could go through almost everything to attempt to resolve your signal problems, and still get no closer to resolving the issue. My London Aerials provide an excellent service that will allow us to assist you with pinpointing the issue in your poor signal, and we make it our mission to resolve it with a quick turnaround and help you to make an informed decision on the course of action to take.

You can get a quote or contact us with any queries you may have for some impartial advice on your satellite signals and much more via email or call us.

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