TV Signal Down? What to do when you have TV signal problems?

We’re guessing you’re reading this because you have tv signal problems! Don’t panic! There are so many reasons why your tv signal could be down, knowing what to do next is imperative to getting the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Check your provider status

Your tv signal problems could be an issue either nationwide or in your area with the service provider, you are using. All reputable services will have a status checker that can be accessed by entering your postcode. Using this checker will establish whether the issue is with your provider on a wider scale, or if there is a problem individual to your current services.

We recommend using this coverage checker.

Too much signal

Believe it or not there is such thing as too much signal, and if you have it, you are more than likely experiencing a level of interference to your services. Televisions and their equipment attached, all have a maximum signal threshold to which they can handle. In flats where TV aerial and satellite signals are ‘launched,’ they can often handle signals of up to 120dB which is the same as 1V. In a domestic environment, the receiving signal at the receiving end should not be above 80dB, and ideally no more than about 77dB.

If you’re based in London. The best thing to do in this case is get in touch with My London Aerials and we’ll see if there are any local engineers that can help!

Poor Signal

Most common of the diagnosed issues that can affect your television services is poor signal. There are a wide range of reasons why your signal strength could be poor, from loose wiring to a knocked out of range satellite. There are also a plethora of options in resolving the issues that can be from a simple system refresh to full rewiring by an experienced engineer. At My London Aerials we provide a service that sets out to resolve the issues you may be facing using state of the art technology to pinpoint the issue efficiently so that you can get back to enjoying your television again.


As we endeavour to go more and more wireless, there is so much going on with radio waves and other signals, that your television reception is subject to many issues with interference. Satellite has an advantage over terrestrial television signals, as it is much less likely to be affected. However, this does not mean that it’s not impossible, and when your TV aerial has been installed correctly you should expect to not suffer from TV interference.

Faulty Equipment

If you have had your equipment for a while there is a good chance your reception is down due to faulty equipment. Don’t be fooled though faulty equipment can present itself at any moment and ensuring that the equipment is out of reach and in a secure, dry area of your home that won’t subject your equipment to a higher chance of damage. Damage to interior equipment is far more common than anything external to your property such as interference or problems with your TV transmitter. There are many reasons and resolutions when it comes to faulty equipment and it is important to establish the issue to restore your services, which is something My London Aerials can assist you with and resolve at your earliest convenience.


Believe it or not, tuning your television incorrectly is a very common complaint when there are signal issues in your home. Tuning is simply resolved and there are many guides on the internet and many resolutions related to tuning are often found on your suppliers help section of their website. If in doubt we have a full understanding of tuning for all suppliers and would be happy to assist and advice you on your tuning issues.

If you are still struggling after establishing that there is an issue with your signal, My London Aerials would be more than happy to provide impartial and well-informed advice. We can also come out within 24 hours to establish the route cause of the issue and repair it there and then. For more information on our services or to get a quick quote contact us today!


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